Simple English Listening

E18: (Youtube) Amazing English Learner's TIPS ♥ Interview (Pre-intermediate)

February 14, 2021 Tristan Palumbo
Simple English Listening
E18: (Youtube) Amazing English Learner's TIPS ♥ Interview (Pre-intermediate)
Show Notes

The video with subtitles, pics and definitions is here: My friend has an amazing English level + never lived abroad nor had private lessons. How?? Today she shares her tips. 

TIP 1. Do the things a master would do.

TIP 2. The power of READING!

TIP 3. PASS OVER words you don't understand. Only translate them if they are REPEATED often.

TIP 4. Learn what the STORY LINE is FIRST in your own language.

TIP 5. To know how to use a word correctly, you must first see it used in MANY DIFFERENT contexts   

TIP 6. Find a good reason 'why' to learn English to give you the MOTIVATION   

TIP 7. Find HIGH QUALITY sources on the internet

TIP 8. Maximise your exposure to English. Read and listen to it every day.

TIP 9. Talk to yourself to practice fluency.   

TIP 10. Try to THINK in English whenever possible

TIP 11. Listen to English PODCASTS

Here, I speak in SIMPLE English about exciting topics. The best way to learn is to listen to as much English as possible which is ONE level above your level. This way you pick up maximum amounts of new language and pronunciation naturally.

These podcasts are for pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate learners. 

My name is Tristan, from England. I'm a native speaker and I've been a qualified English teacher for nearly 10 years and taught in five countries - UK, Italy, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam. I have post-graduate qualifications in education and English-teaching.